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Mike Balter Set of 3 Emil Richards Super Rub Mallets

Mike Balter


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These mallets come in a pack with three different sizes.

We have used these fine Emil Richards Super Rub Mallets and we have to say, "Excelente!"

Oh that crazy Mike Balter, making all kinds of mallets for all kinds of percussion, and here he goes again with his special Emil Richards Rubber Mallets for the gong player who likes to make their gong get a nice long moaning tone.

The difference between these Super Rub and other Superball Mallets is the quality of rubber. These are softer, so moans and whale noises ring out with ease on your gong. However, you do need to remember to clean off the residue from your gong after repeated use.

Customer Testimony:
"Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how crazy good those super rubs are. They have just opened a new door to my gonging experience. Thanks."

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