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7" to 8" Gongs on the High C Gong Stand



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This combo includes a gong, stand, and mallet.

The High C Gong Stand is made especially for Gongs Unlimited. It is made from a specific mold designed for us! It has feet that you screw in and they stay balanced.

Watch our assembly master Sara as she walks you through it:

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 11"
Height: 15"
Depth of Feet: 10"



The 7" Golden Bao Gong is a delightful little gong, which we are selling at a delightful little price. This is a small desk sized gong. A gift gong. A small meditation gong.

The Chinese Bao Gong has a nipple in the center, as it is their version of the Japanese nipple gongs. You strike the nipple with the mallet for a clear clean gong tone.

This is a gong you can use in detention class. This is a gong that is fun in the tollbooth (phantom or otherwise). This is a gong that makes you remember what you did after your high school prom, a gong that causes you to love your neighbor. This is a gong that lets you win at bingo. It's the gong that Thomas Edison heard when he invented the light bulb. After he invented that, he would have a light bulb go off over his head when he invented new things.

This is a fun gong to buy. If you only buy one gong today, let it be this one. If you buy two gongs, let it be this one, and a really large gong!

The 7" Chau Gong:

What will the Earth be like in 2077 AD?
Will it be butterflies and vegan pastry, like some New Age Prognosticators prognosticate? Will it be devastation and conflagration like some Prog Rockers ululate? Will it be horrors and tribulation for those Left Behind, like the Evangelicals castigate?

We don't know for sure, but we hope that there is sweetness between us, whatever the circumstances. There's been a lot of murder and greed, and genetically modified seed.

No matter where we are in 2077 AD - in a boat in an unpolluted Caribbean, or on a slave spaceship on its way to a star a few light years away - we hope that we human beings can be nice to each other in small ways. Whether it is passing some 70 year old Sammy Hagar tequila to an attractive mate while listening to Jimmy Buffett's grandson's music, or passing a few ounces of water and rations to our fellow slaves working the mines on some far away planet, it will be the little kindness that keep us separated from those who live for greed and exploitation.

That is what this small 7" Chinese Gong is all about.

The 7" Ma Gong is a delicate flower of a god in the Chinese Gong Pantheon. Small and filled with vibrant perspicacious verve, it can awaken you from a slumber, it can sooth the semi-savage beast, and under duress, it can work as a coaster for an invasive Viking when he storms your TV room.

In the Chinese language, the word "ma" can be used to help form a question, or in combination like ma fei, which means morphine. This is a good base word, for you ask a question when you need an answer to calm your mind, and you use morphine when you are in extreme pain, and you need to calm your body.

A great sound for a great gong!

The 7" Wind Gong is small gift of love. This gong will often make the friend you give it to scream and shout with exuberant joy.

This 8 inches of love is not quiet either. It makes a loud joyous sound as well, when you grab its mallet tightly and bang it hard against the gong. Once you stimulate it, it cannot help but release, a magnificent tone.

The 8" Atlantis Gong rings a big reminder of the power of the sea and the magic you may find there. Salt is a cleansing element and it is what gives this gong its unique design. No two Atlantis Gongs look the same!

With their rough, unlathed exterior, the 8" Atlantis holds a clear tone with splashes of unexpected vibrations.

When you can't hit the beach, hit the Atlantis Gong and remember that magic happens everywhere and you can swim in good vibrations any time.

The 8" Bao Gong is a little bigger than her 7" brother, but just as cute.

The clear tone will lighten a mood and bring on a smile.

The 8" Chau Gong is exceptional in sound for its size.

It is like the short man at the gym, who is muscular, nearly muscle bound, full of strength, compensating for his lack of inches in height, with inches in bicep, chest and calves. It is his reaction to the reactions of other people about his height, is to prepare an armored shell to both protect himself as well as attack.

His muscle size increased and hardened, it is similar to the turtle's shell. It allows him to fight back at larger predatory animals, they cannot bit him with their teeth and pierce through his muscles to the soft chewy innards.

But it also allows him to attack. When the shorter male spots an opening at salad bar, he can break through the line and capture macaroni salad before the other carb-loaders.

That is the power of the 8" Chau Gong. It is a lot of metal and sound in a small gong.

The 8" Chocolate Drop Gong is smaller diameter than usual. All that smallness helps make a clarion tone, a pretty bell tone that can be magnificent.

When you got so many things going on, so many that even chocolate won't help you, you need a gong that can relieve that pressure. That is why we also call this the Pressure Drop Gong.

The 8" Dark Star Gong delights. It is a peccadillo, and short tango outside a restaurant after a bottle of wine. It still has light to share. You are a mysterious galactic object that can hypnotize... When you play this gong!

Dark Stars. So mystical, the idea of something so massive and light giving, being dark. Once so majestic, but now collapsed, a gravity that does not let the light escape.

Where does the light go? That is the question. Does it go to another universe? Does it light up another galaxy on the other side? Does it power a Divine Throne? Or does a dark star, so profound and like a black hole, just provide us with the Ultimate Yin? And then, what may be the Ultimate Yang?

Questions to ponder, to wonder, to ruminate over.

The 8" Ma Gong is one of the most mellifluous and beautiful sounding small Chinese gongs you can get.

We are constantly delighted by its clear musical tone and soft spritely feel. If bronze can be considered cute, this gong helps make it so.

Perfect for waking you up. Perfect for cheering you up.

So get it and get happy folks!

The 8" Mother Tesla Gong is small, but she holds a mighty space.

Unlathed gongs hold a strong tone in a heart of bronze, and no matter what you do, it holds space for you and will ring through truth when you need to hear it.

For as Yo-Yo knows, mama don't take no mess…

The 8" Subatomic Gong rings clear and true. It's a particle of delight, actually a wavicle of delight, since now we know subatomic particles behave both like particles and waves.

So get your particles moving with a little Subatomic Gong sound wave. They will thank you! You might even get some quarks that were bringing you down out or bring some charmed ones in. You might just smile. We don't know! The possibilities are Unlimited.

The 8" Wind Gong is small gift of love. This gong will often make the friend you give it to scream and shout with exuberant joy.

This 8 inches of love is not quiet either. It makes a loud joyous sound as well, when you grab its mallet tightly and bang it hard against the gong. Once you stimulate it, it cannot help but release, a magnificent tone.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This warning applies to the gong stand.

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