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These listings do not include a gong mallet.

Paiste Planet Gongs are tuned to the orbits of the celestial bodies in our solar system. These frequencies are made audible thanks to the groundbreaking work of Hans Cousto, author of The Cosmic Octave.

Planet Gongs are similar to Paiste's Symphonic Gong series. The difference is that each gong is tuned to a dominant fundamental tone as listed, as well as a prominent harmonic overtone in the 4th octave.

Listeners can experience the energy of these celestial bodies via the vibrations these gongs create. When played with intention, Planet Gongs open up possibilities for spiritual and emotional healing.



24" Neptune G#3 - 211.44 Hz

Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun and is the most gaseous planet. The blue color of this planet is actually from methane in its atmosphere. Interesting. Perhaps this is why people often describe Neptunian energy as a little foggy or cloudy. All the ideas of reality that we burp up come into play.

What Neptune is teaching us is that the reality we experience is the reality we project onto the world. If we accept the truth of this notion, we can create a reality that is compassionate and loving, and which considers the oneness of all human beings who coexist on the planet.

That is worth banging a gong towards! Play the Neptune Gong as waves crashing on the shore shaping your reality into something you can recognize as your own.

24" Sidereal Moon A#3 - 227.43 Hz

We sometimes get calls from people asking for the New Moon Gong or the Full Moon Gong. These are terms you may hear in various circles, and we have found different circles refer to each gong differently. Paiste does not label either as Full or New.

The Sidereal month is how long the Moon takes to make one full revolution around the Earth -- with respect to the background stars. Returning to its same place in relation to the sky!

But because the Earth is constantly moving as it orbits our Sun, the Moon travels slightly more than a full circle (360 degrees) to get from new moon to new moon. (That is the Synodic Moon Gong.)

Hence, the synodic month (a.k.a. lunar month) is longer than the sidereal. Sidereal = 27.322 days. Synodic month = 29.531 days.

24" Synodic Moon G#3- 210.42 Hz
The Paiste Synodic Moon gong's vibration represents the Synodic Month. This is the time between one new moon and the next new moon. It is a time period, it does not mean it is the New Moon Gong, or the the Full Moon. The synodic month (a.k.a. lunar month) is longer than the sidereal. Sidereal = 27.322 days. Synodic month = 29.531 days. (We sometimes get calls from people asking for the New Moon Gong or the Full Moon Gong. These are terms you may hear in various circles, and we have found different circles refer to each gong differently. Paiste does not label either as Full or New.)

This gong of course, falling into the G Sharp range, creates a tone that can excite and raise your energy. Its frequency when calculated and extrapolated into a visual range is an orange: a bright and enthused color. Hence this gong is very good to help you meditate at times, like the Full Moon, when your internal tides are high, but you want to find your center. It is made for meditations during excited times.

As Hans Cousto has mentioned, this gong works very well with healing difficulties and dis-ease with menstruation and related issues. It does work well on various acupuncture points related to this area. But it is not just a gong for women. We also see that it helps cleaning out the second chakra which can hold a lot of emotional and sexual energy that may not be yours, or helps release pain and blocks from that chakra and any other chakras that the second chakra pain is connected to. The Synodic Moon Gong can help balance male and female energies, the yin and yang, within your clients.

For more information on the Synodic Moon and a powerful sound meditation from Andrew, look at our blog post featuring the sounds of the 24" Synodic Moon Gong.

24" Uranus G#3 - 207.36 Hz

Uranus is an awakener who brings flashes of insight that allow you to creatively come up with new solutions for oppressive circumstances or any circumstance that you're ready to change. It is a Universal force with powers completely out of our control. In that way Uranian energy is very much like gong energy. The expansion of sound is not predictable, it is moving with your energy to open up new spaces, new opportunities for growth. Play with the Uranus gong to reawaken your original creativity and follow the call to be here in your own eccentric way.

24" Venus A3 - 221.23 Hz

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty and partnership. She points to the best pathway for social harmony in each of our lives and tells us where we struggle with confidence and self-esteem. She helps us find a strong sense of our own self-worth and value. Working with a Venus Gong can be very beneficial for a soul who incarnated with Taurus prominent in her or his chart. To balance things out, let us also acknowledge that Venus also rules Libra, that balancer, and the autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

Each gong and gong player is a conduit for the healing energy being created and channeled, and the gong player gets healed by healing. Like Chiron, the wounded healer, your capacity for healing can be increased by your realization of your personal wounds. By understanding one's own inner cosmos, the gong player can better relate to other’s pain, and from there, create greater healings for more.

The movements of Venus may affect you more strongly if you’re born in the second month of spring, the time when new growth is in full swing, when the earth is buzzing and all of nature is beautiful and blooming. Yes, we're running with the bulls here – Taurus - the sign ruled by Venus.

28" Jupiter F#3 - 183.58 Hz

Jupiter is a fun stormy planet with a reddish tint. In Greek mythology a short story of Jupiter is that he overthrew his father Saturn and then split the kingdom with his brothers Neptune and Pluto. Saturn had a more limiting vision of the kingdom than Jupiter.

Jupiter said, "Let's share the riches, let's share the love, let's expand, Dad!"

The Paiste Jupiter Gong is always ready to play to lead you towards your highest fulfillment and happiness.

28" Sidereal Day G3 - 194.71 Hz

A sidereal day is the amount of time it takes for a star in the Earth sky to come back to the same place in the sky. Because, for all intents and purposes, the sky is fixed in relation to us, a sidereal day is when the earth rotates a perfectly sweet 360 degrees. And that amount of time is 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds long. (People ask, and we reply - the word is usually pronounced SIGH-deer-uh-al.)

The Earth Sidereal Day Gong! For it helps your nervous system disconnect from a fixed "reality" - while still living in it - and reconnect with the Earth's vibration in this galaxy and universe, and because of that you can be aware of the deeper cycles the way the not-so-ancients did it. A more natural and real way. It will reduce the "hyper" quality in your nervous system. It will help you reconnect with the planet in a more profound way. Walk again like the ancients, like the astrologers and wise folks of old, but in present time. For who are you, dear reader and gong player, but a wise one reincarnate?

30" Platonic Year F3 - 172.06 Hz

The Platonic Year is the time it takes the Earth's axis - that is the imagined line that goes from North Pole to South Pole in the center of our planet - to go through one whole precession, or otherwise known as precession of the Equinoxes. It takes the Earth about 25800 to 26000 years to go through one Platonic Year. It is a big deep cycle.

When you hear of the "Age of Aquarius" it is because the equinox is moving from one sign of the Zodiac to another. It takes about 2160 years to do this, approximately. It does not happen at one particular moment, it happens over some decades. These are big time periods, folks.

Revel in this gong's profound energy. Want to connect to the rhythms of the Earth and its changes? Heal with this gong. Not only does it carry a beautiful sound to your ears, it carries a beautiful energy to your soul. The Platonic Year Gong can help you with great and subtle insights.

32" Chiron D#3 - 151.27 Hz

Chiron - discovered in 1977 - the comet-asteroid that orbits mostly between Uranus and Saturn - named after the Mythic Wounded Healer a centaur half horse and half human who was wounded in the leg and subsequently pursued healing with the teaching of Apollo and eventually taught Aesclepius, the Greek God of Medicine. Chiron serves as a connecting point. It is between Saturn (traditional, structured, predictable) and Uranus (eccentric, unpredictable,and inventive). Chiron folks strive to bring new ideas into existing structures, or bring some structure to innovative ideas.

The Malletheads are definitely Chiron-influenced, if you hadn't guessed by our site. We think the Paiste Chiron Gong is a valuable gong for many alternative healers, psychologists, and sound therapists. Many of us overcome our own wounds as we become healers and energy workers and it is what makes us empathetic to our clients' concerns. YAY! CHIRON!

32" Mars D3 - 144.72 Hz

The Paiste Mars Gong. Long honored in myths along with all the celestial planetary guides, Mars was associated with gods of destruction. Perhaps it was its apparent backwards path along the sky moving from west to east instead of east to west. Death to life vs. life to death. Perhaps it was it’s red hue from oxidized iron, the same chemical reaction that turns blood red. We don’t know because we’ve come a long way, baby! We now have science to balance the stories and feelings of our experience of the universe.

One scientist for the Mars Science Laboratory affectionately likened Mars, fourth planet from our home Sun, to “finding a dusty Earth in your attic. Shake off the dust a bit, and it’s this amazing place that you can recognize it.” We like it because we know there is still life there.

Maybe you are experiencing a little death in life and need a reminder that death moves to life. Forwards, backwards, here we are circling the sun and right here on Earth we have a Mars Gong for you tuned to our little brother planet that can help with strengthened will and focused energy to move through life here and beyond, if that’s where you’d like to go.

32" Mercury - C#3 141.27 Hz

For more information on the spiritual energy of Mercury and details on the planet itself, read our blog on Mercury in Sound Healing.

32" Nibiru E3 - 161.26 Hz

The Paiste Niburu Gong is quite a leap for the Paiste Gong Makers to create and we applaud them for their boldness. Nibiru was the celestial body or region sometimes associated with the Babylonian god Marduk.

At this juncture in time, Nibiru is purely a hypothetical, conjectured planet, some ufologists and alien conspiracy buffs call it Planet X, a brown dwarf waiting to be discovered by our telescopes, or knowledge of its orbit being hidden by the government.

The planet Nibiru was proposed by a scholar named Zecharia Sitchin. He posited, after translating many ancient Sumerian texts, that Earth was visited by an advanced race back then, the Annunaki, in search of gold and valuable metals. Some astrologers believe it exists and portends nasty things on our planet in 2012, coinciding with Mayan cycles; other astrologers doubt its veracity. Astronomers, the scientists who spend a lot of time looking for new planets, stars and galaxies, are adamant the Nibiru, Planet X situation is just a hoax.

32" Saturn D3 - 147.85 Hz

Since ancient times Saturn has been associated with Capricorn. The thinking of usefulness is very closely related to Saturn. It supports the ability for concentration, the general process of gaining consciousness and shows very clearly karmic connections. It brings structure and order.

Allow the Paiste Saturn Gong to help you awaken your consciousness and focus your concentration on your work at hand -- the work that you in the fullness of your being bring to the Universe.

36" Pluto C#3 - 140.25 Hz

Pluto would be the farthest planet from the sun if it were still a planet, and was discovered in 1930. Though it is named after the mythological god of the underworld, the creators of myths didn’t even know that Pluto existed. The name came from an 11-year-old girl in England. 

In general Pluto is associated with Scorpio. Pluto is very harmonically tuned to the (earth) moon and Neptune. To both of them it has an exact quint-quant relation. Pluto is about 40 times farther away from the earth as the sun and a little smaller than the (earth) moon. Nevertheless it is attached to great importance in recent astrology.

The true lonely planet, cast out from the original order by science who see it as only a rock (egads!), Pluto knows what it feels like to be left out, knows what it’s like to live on the fringe, inside and outside. Moving through signs every 13 - 30 years, Pluto also holds generations within its energy. Play the Paiste Pluto Gong for the transformation of group dynamic, for the little rock that, while not technically a planet, totally rocks.

38" Sun B2 - 126.22 Hz

According to Hans Cousto, the Paiste Sun Gong tone represents for him "a door from one world into another." Cousto says with this tone you are helped to "exit from the known, mechanistic, and physical world..." and can enter " a new world-- a magic world." Because of his calculations being based on the speed of light, he suggests that meditation to this tone "will lead the listener to a state beyond good and bad, shame and guilt, beyond space and time, knowledge and wisdom, action and rest, being and non-being." Find your space with this gong, and he feels you will get beyond space, and this frequency can lead to a place out of duality, where you are reunited with the Creator.

38˝ Earth C#3 - 136.10 Hz

38" Sedna C3 - 128.10 Hz

So far, and yet so close. Sedna is, as far as we know right now, the most distant body that orbits our Sun. It is three times as far as Pluto. First sighted on November 14, 2003, Sedna is not officially a planet yet, and may only be classified as a planetoid, but because it orbits our sun, its influence can be felt by our bodies and souls.

Sedna, named after the Inuit Goddess of the Sea, has as her companions the whales and seas. But she was not always a divinity. She began her existence as a beautiful and vain young woman, who was married off to a magical raven and ended up drowning. Now her anger and fury is responsible for violent storms. But when she is appeased by the Shamans, she releases these sea mammals for the Inuit hunters and the survival of the clan.

Sedna's discovery not only expanded our solar system to a much bigger size, but ALSO our capacity for conscious awareness. THINK ON THIS: Sedna was the first planet named for a god of the Native American tradition, not the Greco - Roman. Spiritual and emotional pain lasts with us even though we are not always conscious of it. It carries from lifetime to lifetime, hiding in dark cold climes of our soul where we have pushed it away from the light - for whatever reason - but we cannot be whole, we cannot receive all the nourishment that the Divine wants to give us, until we address our ancient unconscious pain, just like the Inuit hunters cannot receive the sustenance from the ocean - until the pain of Sedna has been addressed.

The Malletheads believe one of the great gifts that the Paiste Sedna Gong can bring you and those you heal, is bringing to awareness pain from past lives as well as buried trauma from this lifetime to your conscious awareness, where it can be seen, spoken about, and released.

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