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Recommended Gong Meditation Recordings with Various Artist

by Unlimited Staff April 27, 2017 1 Comment

The mood altering qualities of music and sound are a phenomenon we all have experienced, even deaf people.

Music is able to change people mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Meditative music is compiled of soothing tones, slow tempos, easy harmonies and thus is great for slowing down the mind. The Gong and similar instruments are perfectly suited for this type of soundscape.


Om: Tibetan Gongs, Bowls, Om Chanting and Music for Deep Meditation

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This album uses a wide variety of instruments, including singing bowls, gongs, chanting, nature sounds, and flutes. Many different feelings are produced, nuancing mediation and creating new interests and experiences. This ethereal music is perfect for stabilizing the mind.


Sacred Sound Gong Meditations 

A lovely gong focused album for beginners, Todd Glacy, the founder of Sacred Sound & Living, first walks the listener through a guided meditation before creating a musical meditative environment.  Glacy is known for his interests in spreading happiness and well-being through music, interfaith ministry, spiritual coaching, workshops, and retreats.  This album is excellent for those searching for a simple meditation that is slow and constant.


Tibetan Gong & Singing Bowls Meditation 

This is a musical album focusing on harmonies between multiple instruments including bells, chimes, gongs, and singing bowls. The Sacred Meditation Society produces many albums and is well known in the world of musical meditation. The music on the album is played by Danny Becher, a classically trained musician in Gregorian and overtone chanting as well as yogic music.


New Moon New Chinese Year Gong Meditation 

This album is gong focused, with the gong building on the platforms of sound, creating levels of itself.  A brilliant album for ringing in the new year or focusing energies on the new moon.  Auraengus is a lightworker, at the forefront of biomitter and bioenergetic technology.  Passionate about the environment and all who depend on it, he is committed to creating safe, effective alternatives to toxic drug and chemical medicine.


Gong Sound Meditation (feat. Christina McCarthy) 

Peter Guala is an intense man, he works as a sound healer and music therapist and uses gongs, crystal and metal singing bowls to create this incredibly dissonant album.  He enjoys travelling and spreading his music and meditation with the world.  This album is perfect for the experienced meditator who wishes to have an extremely profound and intricate meditation.


Gong Music: Six Meditations 

If a listener is looking for a varied meditation or a series of short sweet meditations, this album is perfect.  Six separate songs each long enough to settle into the specific meditation but short enough to give variety to the music and the mind.  This album has been described as music for dreaming as it has intense, yet sleepy qualities.     


Om Gong Om

Jazmin Jesson creates an incredibly tonal album made by elongated chants.  The highlight of this particular music are the chants but there are a wide variety of background instruments used in order to accompany and harmonize with the human voices.  Jesson is known as a prolific musician who creates a wide variety of music.  This particular album is great for meditation or yoga as it is very breath focused.


Gong Timers 

This is a great album for people who enjoy silence with a reminder for focus.  The vast majority of this album is silence but with a gong hit every 20-90 seconds.  The tracks are labeled to allow the user to specifically control how long they wish the silence to last between hits. The vibration of the gong is short and clear and cuts beautifully through the meditative silence.


Gong Bath (The Healing Sound)

"Think yourself being immersed in a Sun Gong bath, creating a deep relaxation in your body and mind. This ancient technique, used by Ancient Greeks and Tibetan Healers, puts you in a state of meditation by altering brain waves from Beta (waking state) to Theta & Delta (deep meditation). With the guidance of musician and sound healer, Laoura Gini, you experience the healing benefits of the gong resonances, which offers you mind expansion and body balance."(cdbaby)


The Healing Power Of Gong (Music To Relax The Body And Mind)



Mystical Gong Meditations 

"This CD contains nothing other than the sacred sounds of the Gong... six gongs actually!

The gong is known to stimulate the creative centers of the brain, allowing your unconscious to discover new solutions and states of being. The vibrations of the gong do not follow the same predictable pattern of other musical instruments so the mind can’t hold on in the same way and eventually “lets go.” Many people report that it’s the first time in their life that their mind has completely shut off.

“The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played.” ~ Yogi Bhajan"(cdbaby


Midnight Passage to Freedom

"This Binaural Album was designed by Christopher Davis to be used by you to facilitate your healing, sleep, meditation, power to overcome addictions, enjoy life and feel happy and content.
It is an access portal to your inner journey to Freedom and Healing
Are you ready??? This is a serious question, are you ready? If yes use the best audio speakers or headphones you have, sit back or lay down comfortably and enjoy your ride through the Passage."(Sacred Wave Gong Immersions Bandcamp)


Unlimited Staff
Unlimited Staff


1 Response


November 30, 2021

That was a fantastic post! A sound bath is a type of listening meditation. Sound baths are musical performances that are therapeutic and performed by experienced sound healers. Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, biosonic tuning forks and shamanic drumming are some of the instruments used. Participants lie down on mats on the floor in savasana (corpse posture) and let the sound waves wash over them. If anybody is interested in reading more, there is an excellent article here –

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