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Gently Used Consignment Gongs

Hello Fine Gongs Unlimited Customer!

The gongs in this section are being sold on consignment. They are owned by someone else other than Gongs Unlimited, but being the center of gong sales in the known universe and unknown universe, we are helping this person out by listing their gongs for sale here.

How does it work?

You listen and check out the photos and video recordings of these gongs. If you like the gong, you can purchase it just like any other product. (Please note: this is only for within continental USA, we do not do consignment sales internationally or to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.)

The items are all boxed and ready to ship. The person selling them ships to you on our shipping account and we send you tracking code so the gong is insured, etc.

Once you receive the gongs you have a week to check them out and make sure they are good and you are happy with them. If you find they are not what you thought they would be you contact us, explain the issue, and we arrange for you to ship back to us. If you love them, you let us know right away, as soon as you know you are happy. Once we have received your "okay!" and only then do we pay the seller. This protects you and us, as we only have the videos and photos as well.

We have done this for over a decade and never had a problem.

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