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Vietnamese Gong Gongs of Vietnam

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Vietnam has a history of making gongs and playing them in spiritual ceremonies and music for many hundreds of years. In fact, gong making and playing Vietnamese in the highlands of Vietnam have been designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Every family used to have at least one gong to be played. That is how deep the gong culture goes in Vietnam.

Tap into your humanity with a Vietnamese Gong!



GONGS OF NEPAL AND INDIA Gongs of Nepal and India

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On the Indian subcontinent, where the confluence of cultures meet, where Buddhist and Hindu religions swirl together.

From the Himalayas and what Westerners call Everest, down through the foothills and the low-lying areas, down to the Indian Ocean, people mix and meld, like one big family, each subculture and religion borrowing from the others.

Gongs and Singing Bowls have been made in these regions for thousands of years. See what we have available from these traditions below.



GONGS OF THAILAND Gongs of Thailand

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Thailand has a tremendous tradition of gongs. They are made in different parts of the country, but they are similar in that the Thai gong makers focus more on the nipple gongs that provide clear unique tones versus the flatter Chinese gongs. People often like to get a few gongs from Thailand and play them together for beautiful melodies.

A few years ago some reporters followed route 2222 aka "Gong Highway" to see and hear what it was all about. Read all about it here.

Percussionists and Orchestras - please be aware we have many tuned thai gongs for your compositions and performances. Please contact us about those directly.



Gongs of Malaysia Gongs of Malaysia

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These Malaysian Gongs are traditionally played in a whole Gamelan orchestra, an ensemble of metallophones, drums, and gongs played in layered rhythms. Many instruments play at the same time with different patterns and tones. No instrument overpowers another. The goal is to hold steady and for all to play their part in balance. These gongs are part of that family. We are happy to welcome them to our gong family and know that as you add them to your collection, they will do their part to hold the balance.



Gongs of Europe Gongs of Europe

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Gongs with their origin in Europe.



Gongs of China Gongs of China

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Gongs with their origin in China.



Gongs of America Gongs of America

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Gongs with their origin in America.