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Cryptocurrency at Gongs Unlimited with Coinbase

… plus, all the cool kids are doing it….

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular - and it's going to get easier and easier to use, even PayPal is now letting humanfolk use it!

Tired of being wallet-shamed because rectangular pieces of plastic (credit cards) puff it up all fat? Frustrated because you still have to buy your snacks with dirty, used paper that has dead white mens' faces on it? (Or in the UK, an almost dead Queen?)

Of course you are.

That is why Gongs Unlimited now can accept cryptocurrency as payment.
Same Gongs Unlimited as forever, just a little more digital.
We are Jenny from the Blockchain.

Thanks to our store being hosted on the ecommerce behemoth Shopify, we are now partnered with the well-respected cryptocurrency host - Coinbase. They have been around a while and are trusted. They are very secure and very easy to use.

(Of course, we will assume if you already use things like bitcoin and litecoin and dogecoin you know how to use it. If you like other platforms, that is fine, but Shopify is only working with Coinbase. The good news is that you can use your wallet from other platforms through Coinbase.)

If you are new to this, but ready to join the ancient future with us, here is a page from Coinbase where you can learn more:

Getting Started with Crypto-Education at Coinbase


We’re here to walk you through the basics of buying gongs using Coinbase.

Paying with Cryptocurrency

To pay for your order with cryptocurrency, add your items to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Select Coinbase Commerce as your payment method and click “Complete Order.”

You’ll be taken to the Coinbase Commerce secure checkout page where you can pay with your Coinbase account, or select your own crypto wallet.

Note: If paying with your own crypto wallet, make sure that you select the correct form of cryptocurrency. If you select the wrong form of currency or send a currency different from what you selected, the payment won’t be detected and we can’t access the funds.

If paying with your own crypto wallet, they will provide you with a QR code or our crypto currency address. You can use either one to send your crypto-payment.

Once we receive payment, you’ll receive a receipt with confirmation and a unique 8-character code from Coinbase. You’ll want to save this code (see more information below).

Tracking and Receipts

You can track the status of your payment with your alphanumeric 8-character receipt code. This code is generated by Coinbase and can be found on your receipt after the payment has been processed. Save this number when you finalize your payment.

To revisit this receipt, go to where “CODE” is replaced with the 8-character receipt code you saved when your order was first processed.


Because of the secure, direct peer-to-peer nature of their payment system, Coinbase never has access to your funds. They monitor and facilitate the transaction, but they can’t access your funds. If you have any issues, problems, or disputes with your payment and you need a refund, please contact us directly. Coinbase is not able to reverse payments.

Other Payment FAQs

Why am I seeing overpayment or underpayment?
Exchange rates fluctuate with the cryptocurrency market. Your crypto wallet may use a significantly different exchange rate than Coinbase Commerce does. Because of this, we may require further payment when there is a 1% or more underpayment of your invoice due to the rapid market fluctuation or wallet exchange rates.

Why am I seeing multiple payments?
A single sale should receive only a single blockchain transaction. If you see multiple payments, please contact us with your receipt code to make sure there are no issues.

Why am I receiving a delayed payment notification?
Any payments not made within 60 minutes are flagged by Coinbase as delayed. You will receive a “no payment detected” message from coinbase on any payments not made within 60 minutes. If you’ve already made a payment but you received this message, contact us with your receipt code.

Why is my invoice showing up as void?
If your invoice is showing as voided, it means we’ve cancelled the payment request and we’ll need to create a new invoice. We may cancel an invoice because we noticed an error, or because payment has been outstanding for too long. If your invoice is voided and you’d still like to order, please contact us and we can create a new one.