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Customize Your Gong with Engraving or Printing! Great for Companies, Gifts, Bands, and Events

You Made It! You've Arrived!

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If you're here, then you're interested in customizing your gong in some wonderful way! This can be a great gift for the office, to commemorate your brand, to tell Gary he's finally 60, or to pay homage to your favorite Goetic sigil. If it's in 2-dimensions, there's a good chance you can get it engraved or printed on a gong!

But how does it work? What should I do? Where am I?

It's okay. Take a deep breath. Take many. Actually, continue breathing! It's an essential part of living. DON'T STOP breathing! We will answer your questions about engraving and printing your gong so you can just relax. Here's what we need and how we need it:

  • We work with an established, locally-operated family business for each custom order. We will submit your order information for a quote. To get a quote, we need your image or design for engraving.
    • Provide your image, logo, or design file in a format called Vector Art, which means the file needs to be in EPS or Adobe Illustrator format.
    • Let us know the exact size and type of gong you're interested in ordering. *Gong, stand, and mallet recommendations can be made based on your needs and on what works best with your design.
    • If you require an art proof before placing a gong order, there is a $70 fee. We still need to know the size and type of gong to have an art proof made. 
      • Printing and engraving logos with trademarks is restricted. We require a letter of permission on company letterhead showing that the logo or image is explicitly allowed to be used. This is only necessary if there is a trademark.
      • If you're creating your own design, we can provide guidance on the best fonts to use. There are some fonts that do not work for engraving or printing. The best fonts are thicker, without lots of detail. Fonts with thin lines and small details sometimes don't show up well.
      • After you've placed your order and submitted your design, we will send an art proof for your approval, showing how the artwork will look on your gong. This is your chance to make any changes or updates to the design before the actual engraving or printing process begins.
      • Once you've approved and confirmed your design proof, the engraving or color printing process can take approximately 3 to 4 weeks from the time you submit the order until the time it is shipped and received. Please Note: We cannot do rush orders or overnight engraving or printing jobs. The process includes many steps and lots of detailed work. It is not possible to speed up the process!!!
      • Shipping times vary and we have no control over how quickly something is delivered. For more info on our shipping policy, click here to see our Shipping and Return Policies page.
      • It's best to give lots of time for your order to be completed. If you have a specific deadline you're working with, please tell us before you order so we can tell you if it's possible to get it done in that time frame. We will do our best to get it done in time, but again, this process can't be sped up.

      Click here to see all of our custom gongs!

      If you're interested in engraving your gong and you still aren't sure where to start, call us with questions at 402-474-GONG, or please email us by filling out the form below and we'll answer all your questions!

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