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Earth Tuned Sound Healing Instruments

From Earth Tuned:
"With its fusion of space-age manufacturing techniques and ancient philosophy, Earth Tuned has reinvented an iconic instrument, setting a global standard for what tuning forks can become.

Earth Tuned began in an Aersopace Fabrication company in Lynwood, Washington. The facilities were being used to prototype hybrid gas rocket engines for the University of Washington's rocket program. The production process uses aerospace grade aluminum alloys manufactured on high precision CNC machines.

Having seen visions which led him to make his first tuning fork, Joshua Reff scaled up the model to the dimensions that are now available. As a student of the hermetic arts, he sought to bring his instrument's artistry into harmony with his mathematical and philosophical understanding.

We provide you with high vibrational tools for your quests through space and time. Modeled after the harmonic proportions of the human form, our instruments act as conduits to universal creative forces. Tuning the Earth to its inhabitants, we are honored to serve."