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Unlimited Gong Stands

What if you didn’t have any bones?

You’re not gonna be happy with that life. No one wants to date someone without a spine, or missing the rest of their bones either! It's not how we're made. Pudding is a fun dessert, but not as a love interest.

Unlimited Gong Stands are your gong’s skeleton. They help you have a relationship with your gong.

They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, materials and colors, and are designed specifically to allow you and your instrument to live a wonderful life, while keeping them safe.

As Barney Bodhisattva said back in the 11th Century, "That Gong? Hang it before you bang it!"

We have many different gong stands - metal, wood, famous name brands, our name brand! And yes, we can make custom gong stands -but you need to contact us so we can discuss it.