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Jonathan Goldman's Lemurian Tuning Forks Set

Jonathan Goldman's Healing Sounds


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This listing includes four tuning forks, resonator, 20 page instruction manual, and carrying pouch.

Note: These tuning forks are made of aluminum, which is a soft metal, great for harmonics and sound healing. Because of this softness, you might find the occasional small mark or scratch. The fork isn’t damaged, nor is the tuning off. It can happen during packing by the manufacturer, or during shipping and handling. We provide safe storage and great care when handling them.

"Lemuria. The ancient Motherland of Humankind. Long lost beneath the waters of the Pacific and shrouded in the mists of time, yet still vibrantly alive in the imaginations and visions of seekers and sensitive souls.

"The Lemurian Tuning Forks™ feature a potent set of frequencies based on the mystical keynote of 432 hertz harmonized with the geometries of the Pythagorean Triangle and the Phi Ratio. This extraordinary sacred harmony forms a Sonic Merkaba which will open the gateway to profound journeys of consciousness." - from Healing Sounds

Approximate Fork Measurements:

Length: 6" / 15 cm
Weight: 1.8 oz / 51 g

Length: 6.5" / 16 cm
Weight: 1.9 oz / 55 g

Length: 6.75" / 17 cm
Weight: 2.0 oz / 56 g

Length: 7.5" / 19 cm
Weight: 2.2 oz / 62 g

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