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Koshi Joe Stands



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This listing comes with the stand only. Koshi Chimes are not included with this listing. To purchase a set of Koshi Chimes with this stand, click here.

Note: This stand is intended for chimes. It has 4 hooks. It is a modified version of our Moksha Gong Stand. Check out the stand for gongs here.

The Moksha Stand for Koshi Chimes takes one of our favorite tabletop gong stands and transforms it into a beautiful wooden mount for your Koshi Chimes. We added two hooks to this stand so you can hang all four of your Koshi Chimes to be placed in the most prominent place in your home or office.

Ah, to finish with the cycle of reincarnation! Even if you’re not Hindu, you kinda know it will be delightful to get off the wheel of samsara, the merry-go-round of …birth, death, rebirth… to reach a state of union with the Creator once again. How great it will be to have such self-knowledge, bliss, and freedom! It’ll be Moksha! (Or to all the Buddhists in da house- Nirvana!).

Stand Measurements:
Height: 28"
Top Width: 25.5"
Base Width: 24"
Depth of Base: 7"

Here's what this stand looks like with chimes on it:

Koshi Joe Stand with Chimes

Here's what this stand looks like with chimes on it:

Koshi Joe Black Stand with Chimes

Watch this stand assembly video showing how to assemble the stand (this video is for the gong stand version of this stand, but the assembly is the same, with 2 additional hooks)

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