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14" Gongs on the Au Courant Gong Stand



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This combo includes the gong of your choice, the Au Courant Gong Stand, and a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

While we're waiting for more ancient truths to be revealed, there is a way to open up more direct communication with our future underwater overlords. The device for hailing is contained in the 14" Atlantis Gong.

Due to their hand-made nature, every gong features an individual patina, sending a specific communique to unique undersea addresses. The 14" Atlantic sings out with a deep, mystical tone with far more flavors than can usually be summoned from a gong of this size.

The 14" Atlantis Gong is like an engraved invitation to participate in the joyous revelries being undertaken by these, hopefully, peace-loving native sea-farers. Get your own 14" Atlantis Gong, so the next time you hear the waves lapping at the shore and they seem to say, "Join us- Join us-," you can reply in deep and varied tones, "I am here. I'm listening".

Approximate Gong Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz

The 14" Bao Gong is reminiscent of the gongs made in other Southeast Asian cultures like Thailand, Java and similar, thanks to the center raised portion, known as a bell or a nipple. This is the part of the gong that you strike for its clear tone.

Chinese Bao Gongs are sometimes thicker and heavier than their fellow nations' versions, as they are not trying to tune them to specific notes, like the ones in gamelan orchestras or Thai tuned gongs.

The Bao Gong conveys great clear tones and are a nice sonic tonic for ears in search of clarity.

The 14” Chau Gong provides the classic gong sound, you may hear in your head before you hear this actual gong, causing the player of the gong to utter such outbursts as, "O my!", "O yes!" or "O goodness! An oscillating ostrich ousted the only orange Orinoco ocelot!"

(Note: Personal outbursts may vary according to user and geographic location.)

Approximate Gong Weight: 3 lbs 6 oz

The 14" Chocolate Drop Gong has a lustrous golden sheen akin to that of hazy sunlight through a fine vintage of whiskey, a drink for which the Irish have, historically, shown an affinity.

In the center of this gong's shimmer, the "chocolate drop" perches as if it were a stray dollop of Guinness, a liquid of pure Irish lineage, or dare I suggest an "eye" on a potato.

Approximate Gong Weight: 3 lbs 6 oz

The 14" Dark Star Gong features a shimmering center pool of light surrounded by the evidence of a creator's hand at work on the darker outer ring.

The Dark Star produces a dark, clean tone, as might be expected from its name, but it is a tone with a prominent top note of fun. Sweet, sweet fun. Good, clean fun. Great for the next time you and your friends are celebrating with a night of constellation gazing and grooving to the celestial music of the spheres. Naked as the day you were created out of star dust.

Approximate Gong Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz

Recently blown in to Gongs Unlimited, the 14” Dark Wind Gong is similar to traditional Wind Gongs, but with an unlathed outer edge. The unlathed part controls the crash, creating less splash than a wind gong and preventing the gong from opening up sound-wise like a fully lathed gong.

The balanced, deep tones of this gong can aid in your spiritual and emotional healing practices. Add one of these gongs to your sound therapy or yoga studio and meditate on the peaceful, harmonic motion of all things.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 2 lbs 8 oz

Exclusive to Gongs Unlimited, the 14" Deep Breath Chau Gongs are similar to the Deep Breath Gongs that we have all come to love, but with a rim! The presence of the rim focuses the sound and combined with the dark unlathed center, provides great sustain while holding the crash in.

Approximate Weight of Gong: 3 lbs 6 oz

The 14" Heng Gong has glorious and deep tones which will grant you the inner peace you crave. It’s a heavy gong that has a thick rim, and has a naturally deep tone for its size.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs 10 oz

The 14" Mother Tesla Gong embodies the human electricity that every mother gives to her child through her heartbeat, tummy rumbles, laughter and shouts! It is the same energy we share with each other every day.

The Mother Tesla does this by coming to life as herself. Unlike most other gongs, she has no lathing that shows the bright bronze underneath. Her tones come out with depth and take time to splash out.

Approximate Gong Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz

Hello 14” Pasi Gong, how are you today?

Oh I'm gonging...ahem...doing very well, thank you.

14 inches is a good amount of bronze, if you know what I mean. I want to hear all about you. What are your best qualities?

I'm not one to bang my own gong. But you can. Pick up that mallet and invite me.

Haha! That's more like a tickle!

Oooo, but the sound. You have such depth. Sends a shiver down my spine.

Want to try again?

I do! Oh, yes! That crash! That bright, shimmer of sound moving through my brain. Whoa!

I've got what you need. Dark depth, bright crashes. Baby, I'm your gong.

Yes, you are.

The 14” Solar Flare Gong on the Au Courant Stand is circles within circles, worlds within worlds, the 'O' (or 'Au' en francais) has a long and storied history. In fact, (en anglais), you can't spell 'story' without 'o' or 'history' without 'story' and so it goes, an ever-widening gyre in which the 'o' establishes its born-to-glory provenance as the crown jewel of vowels and all that they encompass.

As you can see above in the phot-O, the fabled 'o' begins in the center of the gong, much as a "bull's-" (or for o's purposes "cow's-") eye and expands outward, as ripples in a pond, culminating in the Au Courant Stand itself, a sort of punctuation, open to interpretation.

Approximate Gong Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz

In the dream we both shared, the dream of a perfect music in an imperfect world, a dream where people were nude, not naked, there was a 14” Subatomic Gong that made the miniature elephants rise on their hind legs and dance, while trumpeting out the names of angels that could be understood in any language.

In this evanescent mental illusion that we both knew as true, and false, we walked about the soft velvety leaves as they fell from the memory trees in the forgiveness forest. In our shared dream, we brushed against the bushes that whispered the names of those who were about to do anonymous good deeds somewhere on the planet.

And somewhere the Subatomic Gong was struck that was both smaller than electrons and larger than the belly of an infinitely expanding Bodhisattva. So we heard and felt it in our future, though it had been struck in our past.

It was the electromagnetic wandering that led us here, to this gong, and I knew you would see it, and seize upon it, and purchase it. And then you would strike this gong, and walk further in the dream, never lost again.

Approximate Gong Weight: 3 lbs 6 oz

The 14” Tiger Gong is a pitch-bending gong which will rise in tone as it is played, of the sort used in Chinese opera...the type of opera for which esteemed actor and funnyman Jackie Chan spent his entire childhood training.

Unfortunately for William Blake, his lack of knowledge about the 14" Tiger Gong meant that, although he accomplished many things, he never mastered KUNG FU COMEDY. He left that up to the experts to conduct in poetry of a different sort...

And those experts in turn are doing their part to make sure that tigers continue to exist, their symmetry intact...

The 14” Wind Gong is a beautiful sonic instrument.
Delicate and musical when you want it to be.
But also able to get loud and boisterous in a room.

Approximate Gong Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz


The Au Courant Gong Stand is current, cutting edge, and fashionable! Circular objects are pleasing in their suggestion of softness and in the way they mirror familiar objects found in the natural world. (Planets, fishes mouths, Oreos…)

If you enjoy the oblique sleekness of a gong and wish to surround it in another circle, and if you are a vampire...then this gong stand is the "O Positive" choice.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 14"
Height: 20"
Depth of Base: 4"
Inside Width Space: 17.5"
Space From Hanging Hooks to Base: 16"

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This warning applies to the gong stand.

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