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Broder Oetken

Broder Oetken is a gongmaster with years of training and hard work under his belt. He was the last apprentice taught by Paiste Gongmaster Walter Meyer and took up the mantle of Paiste Gongmaster after Meyer's retirement. After his time with Paiste ended, Broder has produced gongs for Meinl Percussion and Olli Hess as well as developing his own gong designs.

Oetken Gongs was founded in 2011 in Fockbek, Germany. Oetken Gongs has a small staff of gong makers that work alongside Broder to create Symphonic, Planetary and other unique Sound Creation-style gongs ranging in size from 16" to 80". Oetken also makes custom gongs for individual players around the world. Each of these beautiful hand-hammered Nickel Silver gongs showcase Broder's artistic talent and the skills passed down from Walter Meyer.

As Broder has described, the gongs are made by hand. Each one is a "unique copy" featuring unique markings, slight size variability, and individual ranges of tonality and feel. Though each gong has small differences, Oetken Gongs retain the quality of the classic style. Although Broder Oetken is well known as one of the current gongmasters in the world, he says he is constantly developing, honing, and perfecting his gongmaking process. Like his mentor, Walter Meyer, he intends to pass his knowledge to his apprentices to ensure that this rare handicraft continues.

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