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Set of 7 Chakra Tuned Healing Chimes



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This listing comes with 7 tuned chimes, hanger, and mallet.

This Set of 7 Chakra Chimes are designed and tuned to activate and correspond to each of the 7 chakras. Use these tubes to balance your chakras by attuning them to these tubes.

These chimes are made from heat-treated aluminum pipes and are hand-tuned, creating clean tones with long sustain and a great potential for emotional and spiritual healing.

Add this set to your spiritual and sound healing toolkit today and tap into the power of the chakras and the planets to align your physical and subtle bodies.

Chime Tunings:
Root Chakra (Earth Day) - 194.18 Hz
Sacral Chakra (Synodic Moon) - 210.42 Hz
Solar Plexus Chakra (Sun) - 126.22 Hz
Heart Chakra (Earth Year) - 136.10 Hz
Throat Chakra (Mercury) - 141.27 Hz
Third Eye (Venus) - 221.23 Hz
Crown Chakra (Platonic Year) - 172.06 Hz

Length: 32" to 42"
Diameter: 1"

Important Tuned Healing Chimes Awareness Information

Sometimes these chimes will create more than one frequency. This is part of how metal of this size works. You get overtones. The main frequency will always be there. You can find this main frequency more easily when the chime is tapped gently.

Our chime maker tests these chimes within +/-0.5% accuracy. You cannot expect that with gongs usually.

Please note that it is at this level and cost, impossible to create chimes with 100% accuracy and no overtones.

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