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Bags & Cases for Gongs & More

Are you traveling in your car around town to different sound gigs? Our Unlimited Gong Bags or Backpacks or Humes and Berg Vulcanized Fibre bags will work perfectly. They are slightly padded and allow your gong to travel safely with like items. With your stands in a gong stand bag, which we have for Paiste Set and Square Stands, Rambo Rimbaud and Fruity Buddha, your gong set up is ready to roll together without scratching each other up.

Or perhaps you are someone who likes to keep it simple. The Gong Backpack and the Rambo Rimbaud Stand Bag (assuming you have a Rambo Rimbaud Stand) are the perfect combo for easy movement to and from the car or even on the subway or bus. The pocket of the Gong Backpack is plenty big for a variety of mallets or even a chime and there are different layers inside to put an ocean drum or add another small gong.

But maybe you're ready to take your gong band on the road or around the world.  For instruments traveling packed tight in a van or in a plane, we recommend hard cases such as Enduro Cases, Scott's Dreadlock and Mr. K. Keep in mind that most hard cases are custom-made and can take 2-3 months to be made, so when planning a trip with gongs, plan ahead!