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10" to 12" Gongs on the Woodsonic Gong Stand



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This combo includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Woodsonic Gong Stand embodies stylish simplicity in every fibre of its construction. In addition to being easy on the eyes, the stand offers ease of assembly and display. The tabula rasa/zen koan quality of the Woodsonic stand means that it can be paired with any number of gongs and will look great every time.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 16"
Height: 16.5"
Width of Base: 5"
Center Space: 14" x 14"


The 10" Atlantis Gong rings like a distant bell in a harbor calling attention to the transitions of the day. The gulls are calling, the work is done. The 10" Atlantis Gong chimes for the day that was and the day that is to come. 

You know, sometimes a gong is a hit. Number one on the Billboard Gong Charts. The 10" Chau Gong is such a hit.

It took over the gong zeitgeist the same way Fleetwood Mac's Rumours took over radio in the USA in the late 1970s. Of course, the Malletheads have always been partial to a song off that album, Gong Your Own Way:

Isn't the right thing to do
How can I ever change GONGS that I play?

If I could
Baby I'd GONG you my world
How can I
When you won't GONG it from me?

You can GONG your own way
GONG your own way
You can GONG it another lonely day
You can GONG your own way
GONG your own way

Are you feeling a drop in energy? A drop in vim and/or vigor? Does it feel like the floor is dropping out from under you?

Well, take heart. There’s hope!
The 10" Chocolate Drop Gong is just what you need!

Yes! There’s more than hope for you Gongs Unlimited customer. There’s the promise that just a gong away that --- come what may- not every drop is a step into oblivion. It’s just another drop in the bucket. And the universe's bucket is big. Gargantuan!

After all, the dubsteppers have that DIVINE MOMENT when their bass drops...

The 10" Dark Star Gong has a deeper tone, as the lack of being fully lathed keeps the tone darker and less bright. It is timbre-significant this color. It does not show you the note, but how it gets to this note.

Examples of a visual showing you the mood:
Similar to difference between a sexy twentysomething on a Saturday Night wearing a red dress is a different mood than a sixtysomething widow wearing a head scarf at the Church on a Tuesday morning.

The Dark Star is mystical, not ridden with grief, though. It is the tone that the widow seeks to hear - healing and soothing. It is the tone that informs the spark in the eye of the young woman as she looks across the table at her date.

The 10" Mother Tesla Gong has a dark bell-like tone, a simple clear note, not a lot of crash. This is a perfect little gong for bedtime meditation, for alerting the firemen that dinner is ready, for breaking bad news to carpet cleaners, for waking up your cocker spaniel!

Every body, every soul, every mind and spirit gots to give some props to not only their many earthly mothers, but their divine mother and her daughters.

Elvis did it. Jackson 5 did it. You can do it just as easily with this gong.

The 10" Pasi Gong is also known as the Ma Xi Gong in China. Ma Xi means circus. It has a lot of flavors of tones depending on how you strike it. A lot of colorful music can emanate from this bronze.

Hence, it is a very good gong for performances and...circuses.

The 10" Subatomic Gong is custom made, just for us!

Designed to have a unique sonic signature, one that is more bell-like than a regular Chau Gong, with overtones that feel tighter, the 10" Subatomic Gong is a special and fun gong that can fix almost everything that ails you better than Tylenol. It is like a pill in Bronze form! But don't swallow it...because you can't digest it like a pill!

The 10" Wind Gong...
After a night of Moonshine, you need some Gongshine! That's what this chipper lady told us at the local eatery that Friday Morn. And no better Gongshine than this gong, she said, before finishing her Luncheon Linguine and then off to a Class of Kundalini, and then a few Bellinis!

Anyone who has lived through a hurricane, tornado, typhoon, cyclone, or Uncle Roberto after he has a burrito can tell you...sometimes a small wind is enough.

This gong delivers a lot of sound for the size! We love this gong because it looks so cute and we can snuggle with it, and laugh with it, and play it just about anywhere. This is a great gong to wake your friends up with, because you can sneak up to their heads while holding it!

It will leave you to luxuriate in its delicious aura. Savoring every sweet note that spills into your ear. Is this a pleasure you can deny yourself any longer?

The 11" Che Sui Gong has a beautiful clear tone, a radiant delicate clarity, which then can sparkle and spray and anoint your immediate vicinity with lightness and music. There are few gongs like it, and when you have it in your hand, you will wish the speed of sound was faster so you didn't have to wait so long for your ears to hear its sound.

The 11" Fong Gong has a sound that bends like no other. One firm stroke and the gong cries, shrieks, sings. "Wowng, wowng, wowng."

Some say that this mimics the roar of the tiger. But actually, it mimics the sound of the creature the tiger most abhors, babies.

It mimics the sound of babies to frighten what the tiger most fears, persimmons.

The 11" Night Gong has a relatively deep, dark tone, for such a small, lathed gong. It is like a gentle flame in the darkness of night that grows when stoked. When the power and volume is built, it will build to a bright crash with a strong, deeper, bell-like undertone remaining underneath.

The 12" Atlantis Gong is deep and mystic, the sound of Atlantis itself. Hitting it, you’re underwater among this lost utopia, a timeless world.

The 12" Atlantis Chau Gong mixes the classic look and feel of the traditional Chau gong with mystique and depth of our exclusive Atlantis gong. The science of metallurgy and the art of the gongmaker combine to create a gong with differing coloration and varying pockets of harmonics throughout the gong. The classic lathing pattern brings balance and control to the overall sound, making this gong something special that's a must-have for sound alchemists, therapists, healers and musicians.

The 12" Bao Gong is reminiscent of the gongs made in other Southeast Asian cultures like Thailand, Java and similar, thanks to the center raised portion, known as a bell or a nipple. This is the part of the gong that you strike for its clear tone.

They convey great clear tones and are a nice sonic tonic for ears in search of clarity.

We're in the process of making a great sample video to illustrate this size and type of gong. If you are interested in purchasing this gong, but need to hear it first, please contact us here and we can create a quick video for you.

From a customer who purchased The 12" Chau Gong:

Dear Gongs Unlimited,
As the foundations grantwriter at a Center for Children’s mental health, foster care, and adoption services, I bought a gong from you a couple of years ago to use to announce the receipt of a philanthropic grant.

The entire third floor of our building knows that the sound of the gong means good news! I also bring it downstairs to specific departments when their programs have received a designated grant.

Even volunteer leadership know the meaning of the gong: last week I gently interrupted an important board committee meeting and sounded the gong to announce a very significant grant. Everyone was delighted – before I even said a word, they saw the gong and became excited in anticipation.

A gentle massage growing into a louder, rounder tone spreads the news throughout the place without startling colleagues. Big grants get the bigger tone!

The 12" Chocolate Drop Gong doesn’t just look shiny and gorgeous, it has the audacity to sound shiny and gorgeous as well.

This is the kind of gong that has it all, for the person who thought they had it all, until they got this gong. It is the gong for those whose souls are bright, and eyes are light, and for whom dreams take flight.

This is a great gong for a small room or office. It can be the center of attention, or an adjunct sound to the sweet tones of your meditative breathing, or the ringing of the microwave in the kitchen.

The 12" Dark Star Gong is deep and then speckled with sweet mystical bright sparks. You can hit is lightly, and keep the sound dark. You can hit it with verve, and make the sound all bright.

It's paradoxical like that, but not really a conundrum. It's cyborg that sighs, and android pissed off that google made a phone software called android, it is NOT a robot though. Robots are not alive!

The 12" Dark Star is a great gong for an office, a studio, or a classroom. It is not hugely loud, but it can shake things up and is loud enough to celebrate an event.

The 12" Galactic Ring Gong is a small gong that is eclectic in sound: it takes the best of a Chau Gong, mixes it with a Subatomic and then plays it in its own unique style.

You get a lot of tones and a lot of fun out of this unique gong. This is the sort of instrument you pass down to future generations; they will both appreciate it and wonder about you, by then long gone in body, but still there, smiling like the Cheshire Cat, via this gong.

The 12" Heng Gong is like the freshman college student who sits silently in the back row of "Intro to Philosophy." This not-so-deep thinking class, a requirement for all first year students who take mushrooms on the weekend. He or she says nothing for the early classes, just looking like a uninvolved normal freshman.

One day, before midterms, this student raises their hand and speaks for the first time. He or she utters something so deep, so profound, so magnificent that the teacher is stunned, and thinks about it for a moment, and then begins weeping. The other students don't understand what their fellow scholar said, but they either applaud or cry, or having their minds blown, just start banging their head on their desk. Insights flow into everyone in that room and the minds that change their worlds.

That utterance is like the 12" Heng Gong. It looks like nothing special, a small simple Chinese gong. But then you play it.

This thick rimmed gong can unleash shimmering brightness or provide deep, profound tones. Hidden inside this gong is an eternal tangible truth, waiting in the back row to bring everyone to tears.

The 12" Mother Tesla Gong doesn't crash, it calls to you with a steady tone.

With this gong, you'll find that things are truly different today. For this is the gong that makes you happy. Oh yeah, baby.

Do you need to alert your posse of your presence?

Perhaps you are not like Jesus, whose sparkling energy alerted his 12 core homies that he was near.

Perhaps you are a pretty bubble of energy and want to wake people up to the fun.

Whatever your reason, the 12" Pasi Gong is the perfect gong to add a surprising splash to you and your friend group. Now is the time!

The 12" Tiger Gong (MEOW!) is a pitch-bending Chinese Gong. It is similar to a tiger that pounces and surprises you and the listener.

It is a joy and delight a fun to play. The 12" Tiger Gong is a fantastically fun gong to have in your place of business or residence.

The 12" Subatomic Gong can help remind you that on those days when you feel culturally contained, fazed by the earthbound daze, being something you strived so hard to be and then realizing it means so much less than you imagined. This gong will let you get a high five from your higher self, let you play rock, paper, scissors with your dead relatives, let you be everyplace at once, and nowhere at all.

So you'se can play it pardner! O yeah! And so much much more!

The 12" Subatomic Gong reminds you who you are.

The 12" White Gong is white chocolate for your ears, with a bright tone without much crash.

Hitting it is like that first bite of a perfect Cookies ‘n’ Creme bar, velvety and serene. Your eyelids are going to droop, your serotonin increase, and you’re going to find yourself smiling.

So break the milk chocolate chains binding you.

The 12" Wind Gong has a bright, focused bit of tone. It can calm you, meditative in its tone, or it can wake you up, as it has a bright clear music in it. It often depends on how you play it.

It's a good gong to stop the pain!
It is a good gong to make you move again! Bright! With a clear tone! Bell-like, with a splash!
It is a brisk bit of cold water in your face!
It is just the wake-up call you asked the hotel clerk for!
It is the kind of gong that can melt a Siberian's heart!
It is the kind of gong that can make a Moroccan's Scarf come down off his face to show you his smile.

It is the kind of gong that will make you feel alive again.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This warning applies to the Woodsonic Gong Stand.

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