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16" Gongs on Large Eternal Present Stand



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This combo includes the gong of your choice, the Eternal Present Gong Stand, and a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The 16" Atlantis Gong is a unique gong. The gong making process allows for the science of metallurgy to mix with the art of the gongmaker to mix with the magic of fire to create each one of these gongs!

We call these gongs Atlantis Gongs because we imagine, if our film director/submariner James Cameron, were to discover Atlantis in one of his old up and downs in the Marianas trench, and he was to bring up a gong from there it would look like our Atlantis Gong. A cool thing about Atlantis Gongs is each one looks different. That's part of the process of how they are made. So the one you get is going to be your special one that no one else has.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Chau Gong is a classic gong. How classic?!

When one thinks Blue Jeans -
you think Levi Strauss or Wrangler.

When one thinks Ice Cream -
you think of Vanilla or Chocolate.

When one thinks Gongs on Gong Stands -
you think a Chau Gong on The Eternal Present Gong Stand!

This gong and gong stand combo will last the centuries. You will pass this down to your children and they will give it to their children, and their children, until one day, many many many generations from now, when we have reached the Singularity, or the Event Horizon, or the Debt Ceiling... all these gongs will be at the center, all ringing and singing and gonging... And you will know, from your perch on the spiritual levels, that you aided humanity's advancement.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

There are studies that suggest dark chocolate can help stimulate blood flow, lower cholesterol and lower risk of heart failure. On the other hand, extended over-consumption of chocolate could promote weight gain and can hurt your cardiovascular health.

The doctors at Gongs Unlimited prescribe the 16" Chocolate Drop Gong. It will give you a healthy mind and a healthy soul for eternity without messing with your cholesterol. Combined with this Eternal Present Stand, your cosmic arteries will be free and clear until the end of time. Now that's something to celebrate, maybe with a chocolate fountain.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Dark Star Gong has a luminous sound that can fill your heart and heart chakra, the connective tissue between yin and yang, body and soul.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Heng Gong hangs waiting, silent.
What will it say? What will it do?
What can it bring you?
Does it have purpose? Does it have a power?
Is there a profundity hiding deep within?

Yes. The potential within the bronze can be activated with a subtle connection of the mallet. Just like your inner potential can be activated when listening to the 16" Heng Gong…Symbiosis!

A deep, constant tone
A wave of sound
Reaching towards the thick outer rim.
Brightness, oh shimmering brightness!
Within depth of tone that reminds us of the lightness that exists even within the black holes of the universe...for they are lit within by spirit.

Approximate Gong Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz

The 16" Lunar Flare Gong is named after the ring of brightness that appears around the moon in a photo. It embodies the eternal of Earth's only satellite, yet we know the flare only because of today's technology which made it possible to capture this previously unseen and beautiful phenomenon. It has a deep sound, though not as sharp as its sister, the Solar Flare Gong. The rim focuses the sound which lingers pleasantly. There's a lightness, like the light from the moon that pierces the thick of night. Deep sound emanates and expands and transforms dark to light.

The Lunar Flare Gong is appropriately named, for its sounds move the water in your body in a way to loosen stuck emotions, if you work with it. It works the stuck sounds in your body so you can release them. It takes you from the Dark Side of the Moon, the brilliant reflective Light Side.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Mother Tesla Gong is, perhaps, the disk depicted in Myron’s statue, “Discobolus” from 5th century BC.

How exactly one of our gongs became part of the ancient Greek Pentathlon involves a complex synthesis of temporal physics and wishful thinking that our attorneys have advised us not to discuss, as the patent is still pending. What we can speak to is the indisputable fact that Ancient Greece was not only a time of great advances in art, mathematics, philosophy and astronomy, but also track and field events that indulged the senses.

Wrestlers chose their holds by what would be most pleasing to the eye, javelins were scented, their points dipped in Jasmine and Lilac, and shot puts made of ground lamb and herbs were often nibbled pre-toss as they were held aloft on shoulders.

And as for the discus throw, greater emphasis was placed on the sound produced upon impact than distance as evidenced by the gold medal awarded to Leonidas of Rhodes whose best effort travelled only 3 meters but produced a richly satisfying tone that could be heard all the way to Sparta.

Leonidas never took that medal off from around his neck for the remainder of his days. Or, for that matter the 16” Mother Tesla. As a result, he spent the last years of his life walking with something of a pronounced hunch, and at night literally had to rest on his laurels. But in serenity. And proudly.

The 16” Mother Tesla is history in the re-making. Let one transport you to a time and place of your own choosing. Or simply display it as the world’s largest Olympic commemorative coin.


Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Solar Flare Gong can bring you back from outer space, can bring you back from fantasies and leftover dinner doldrums as well.

A solar flare, a real one, can disrupt communications and satellites, taking you away from far away, from text messages, from calls about nothing, from nowhere to no one. It brings you back to your body, to your life, to your now. To the Eternal Present.

Read more about Solar Flares here.

Approximate Gong Weight: 3 lbs

The 16" Subatomic Gong was created for Gongs Unlimited by request. We wanted to see what would happen if there was an extra lathed ring on the outside. We think what happened is pretty special.

The Subatomic Gong has a darkness to it's voice that the traditional Chau doesn't. With the extra lathed circle of light like a halo of enlightenment, the Subatomtic has zipped around this universe a time or two. It knows the dance of light and dark, up and down, split and fused, giggles and groans up and is ready to help.

Approximate Gong Weight: 4 lbs

The 16" Wind Gong is a small musical marvel.
Shiny, splashy, with a bit of a zest and crash, it is a gong that awakens the passion in passionfruit. Before hearing this gong, it is sleepy don't wake me up-fruit, or I am reading status updates on Facebook and not in the mood-fruit.

The Wind Gong is a celebratory piece of bronze, that opens things up for cheers after you close the deal.
It is a hale Gong for when you want to hail a cab, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, and it is subtle gong when you want a light tapping of bronze, just to chill after a solemn or Solomonic event...

Approximate Gong Weight: 3 lbs

The Eternal Present Gong Stand is made from a hardwood, in a hardscrabble neighborhood in Pakistan. It is carved, cut and stained with the strains of both muscle and spirit, and the body and mind connection works to create that delicate ladder, spiderweb thin, where we climb closer to eternity and the embrace of the omniscience that we so long for.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 25"
Height: 24"
Width of Base: 5"

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