24" to 26" Gongs on the Meinl Table Gong Stand (TMTGS-XL)

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This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

On the backstreets of Berlin, amidst the noise and sin, people amble and see things. Like this Meinl Table Gong Stand. Standing alone. Waiting for a passerby to place a gong on it. The Berliner ruminates: "Was ist die Größe dieses Gong-Standes? Höhe? Breite? Tiefe? Ich wundere mich leise." translated to "What is the size of this gong stand? Height? Width? Depth? I wonder softly.”

And for this stand we answer:
H: 37"
W: 32"
D: 14"

Meinl Table Gong Stands are fairly sturdy and their compact design allows you to play the gong in a comfortable position on the floor or have it placed on a table or credenza, or the back of someone in a yoga pose that has them hands and knees on the ground. The C design allows the gong to swing on the stand and remain securely mounted.

In German, the phrase "Kreise die richtige Antwort ein" tells you to "Circle the Correct Answer." If your gong is 24 to 26 inches then the correct answer might be a Meinl Table Gong Stand.

The 24" Atlantis Gong is a gift from the deep. It's a gift from the deep ovens in China where this gong is created. It's a gift of salt and heat which gives the Atlantis Gong its deep color flavor. It's a gift of remembrance from the deep underwater wisdom of Atlantis.

The Atlantis Gong, as an unlathed gong, will hold a deep tone. Through those deep tones ring otherworldly, watery overtones. Surprising and soothing and fun to play with. Splash around with sound in the 24" Atlantis Gong!

The 24" Chau Gong is a gong to shuttle your soul to the sky. This gong builds slowly and subtly on itself to create a perfect, classic gong wash. Its rich tones make this a great gong for meditation and other metaphysical work. This gong holds its power deep within itself but can be played to a surprisingly loud volume creating an immensely charged meditative space. Send your spiritual self to the moon and back with a Chau Gong!

Or if you are not the meditative type, perhaps this gong is meant for celebration! Your business made a large sale? Hit that gong! You are throwing your neighbor's ex-wife's fourth cousin's dog a surprise birthday party? Gong hits abound! You are proposing your everlasting commitment to the love of your life? Bang a gong!

You are giddy about your new purchase of a Chau Gong?...Wait until we ship it to you...THEN HIT THAT GONG!

The 24" Subatomic Gong is closely related to the Chau Gong, and comes with an extra lathed ring. An extra ring of shining bronze means an extra layer of shining sound. The gong holds a deep low tone, the strong rumble that gets your cells vibrating. Then it ascends, expands into tones and shimmers a bit faster than a traditional Chau.

It is its own sound, a Subatomic sound that will get all of you vibrating and ready for whatever happens to come next. We just don't know what it will be…but you will be ready!

We're working on getting a sound file for this gong. Until then you can always set up an appointment to call and listen. Give us a call at 402-474-GONG (4664) or contact us here.

The 24" Wind Gong has a sound that can be described as a deep splashy crash, a sound quite reminiscent of the wild winds here in Nebraska where Gongs Unlimited is located, this is a loud gong with an exciting tone. Celebrate your breeziest moments with a Wind Gong!

Celebration is refreshing like a spring breeze, why not let a wind gong blow into your life?

The 26" Atlantis Gong holds the wisdom and music of the sea. You will hear it in the depth of her voice the rumble of ocean songs. You will hear tonal peaks, the voices of dolphins, whales and perhaps a mermaid song or two.

The Atlantis Gong has songs and tales of her time at sea. She emerged from the salty depths, ready to be part of your world.

The 26" Chau Gong has a deep meditative quality and can be built to a loud volume that can lead to the classic gong wash.

A gong at 26 inches has a better sense of what it wants to do in life. Perhaps it graduated from Gong University, or has settled down with someone it cares about and learned how to co-habitate with another gong of a similar diameter.

Maybe it has traveled a little, realized the mistakes it made at 18 inches or 21 inches - and now is ready to stake its claim on the world stage.

If the gong is an bit shy, but realized it was a member of the LGBT community - Loving Gongs w/ Big Tones - at this point it has probably come out to its parents, Copper and Tin, who would have probably known it some time before, but you know how Tin can be, with those ears of his...

Or perhaps the Chau Gong has long loved the spotlight, and has loved celebrating events with people, loved helping them meditate, and so was always open about the big tones it could create.

Any way you slice it, you have a winner! A gong is a gong is a gong... until you play it, and you can make it yours. Via Love, Excitement, Intensity... whatever you prefer, but once you put your flavor on it, you will have a friend for life.

The 26" Chocolate Drop Gong is a wonderful instrument, with a deep tone and a quick crash. It’s very similar to the Chau Gong, though the darker ring on the outside of the Chau has been lathed off, so it gets brighter in tone, more easily.

The 26" Dark Star Gong is mysterious, yet reveals mysteries. It can restore your hardware, it can make your Toyota brake dance, it is the First Airbender.

Similar to the Chau Gong, as it is thick metal with a rim, it rises above the traditional Chau Gong because of its lathing and finishing.

Able to hold deeper notes longer, without the fear of premature splashing sounds, the 26” Dark Star is a gong for those of you who have ears that like to hear things that are more than the normal. For minds and bodies hungry for a flavor and soul healing that is new.

The 26" Mother Tesla Gong comes with a sound surprise that will delight the ears! The Mother Tesla gong doesn't crash, it calls to you with a steady tone.

With this gong, you'll find that things are truly different today. For this is the gong that makes you happy. Oh yeah, baby.

The 26" Solar Flare Gong has at its base structure the 26” Wind Gong. No rim. It is based on the flat Wind Gong that angles at the edge down.

Where it differs is visually of course. The concentric lathed rings. What do they do, besides make it look super cool? Well, the rings slow down the inevitable crash and wash that a Wind Gong gives. It controls the down. Yes, the Solar Flare Gong can build to a crash, but the tone is less wild.

Plus you can play it softly and keep the tone clear without the crash of a wind. Like a Solar Flare it can be a tone that flies out of the gong from a point and then is done. It is gorgeous and unique gong to play.

We're working on getting a sound file for this gong. Until then you can always set up an appointment to call and listen. Give us a call at 402-474-GONG (4664) or contact us here.

Subatomic particles of sound. Splashing around.
Concentric circles guide and spin.
When, oh when?!, will you hit that gong again.

This is the effect of the 26" Subatomic Gong. You think you've heard a gong before, but when you hear the Subatomic Gong it makes you wonder.
How is that extra flavor created?
Why would one extra lathed ring on the outside make such a difference?

This gong is outside the box. It has the classic deep, but controlled crash like the Chau Gong. But instead the sound vibrating through a dark rim, the sound flies, splashes, zips out of the shining lathed edge.

The 26" Wind Gong, also called the Feng Gong, based on the Chinese word for “wind”, is of the Wind Gong family: meaning that it will crash and splash when struck with enough force. That crash and splash could be compared to the Wind. Hence its name. But also the 26” Wind Gong is where Wind Gongs begin to get enough weight that you can have them have a deeper tone and sustain. The 22” Wind Gong cannot do that.

The wind moves things in this world be it trees or trash. When it ruffles your hair, the wind changes things in this world. The wind can turn things inside out in this world, umbrellas, tents, skirts - Woo! After a crash of wind, a splash of wind, a bright surprise that takes your breath away - the atoms settle once again. Everything returns and nothing is the same. Let this gong blow you away.

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